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lunedì 10 marzo 2008

Grazie a frizzi!

Share your love è stato recensito da frizzifrizzi: grazie! E le prime schede iniziano ad arrivare: fantastico! Chiunque abbia poco chiaro come partecipare ma la voglia di farlo non manca mi scriva a e cercherò di aiutarlo, per chi se la sente la scheda è scaricabile da questa pagina: in alto a sinistra... grazie a tutti!

domenica 2 marzo 2008


Well... why not? nicknames substitute or are additions to the proper name: most of the time, they have a specific history and the project is really about people's deepest feelings, the stories of beginnings: A nickname is a fresh start, a thoughtful baptism, nicknames are the secret names of things, the language of intimacy, the truthful choice of identity.... nothing and everything more than this.

Download the pdf, fill out the form and send it to us...or if your feeling lazy, take a look at the pdf and write us an email here!


Sooner or later everyone gets one and what we want really are looking to do is to trace the nicknames from all around the world in order to create a sort of emotional map of human sentiment. That's why we invite you to write some more additional information (emotions and memories), to allow you to tell the story of the origins of your nickname, or that of your loved (or hated) ones. (don't forget your pets!)